Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Chat- Visitng Granny and Beach Fun

We had a good visit with my granny. We enjoyed way too much food. I made a strawberry cake and it was good. We enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie, Walton's, and Mystery Hallmark movies. I don't have cable TV (although we do watch movies and documentaries) so it was a treat to catch up with old episodes. Oh, and we watched Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I haven't seen that show in forever. It was a treat.

I took the kids to the beach for a little bit. My granny lives 13 miles from the beach. It was cloudy and chilly. The water there is murky and brown because of barrier islands. But we still get a feel of beach when we go. Overall the trip was fun and a nice break from laundry, cleaning, and chores. We simply relaxed, read, talked, and watched shows. Oh....and ATE!

Sunday we enjoyed church, had lunch with friends of ours that are soon to be leaving for Greece for missionary work. After that we came home and relaxed. The weather was gorgeous. I had to giggle as I sat out by the lake enjoying a book (Wuthering Heights) for the afternoon after my previous post of Cozy Inspiration. I was totally soaking up the sun!!! I wrote that post Saturday and scheduled it for Sunday not realizing it would be like summer. Oh well...seize the moment in your in, right?

I am not setting goals really this week other than keeping our home running and school. My husband's birthday is this week. Plus, I have had a hard time with all my goals due to our daily living and I am going to just take a break for the remainder of February and work on our daily flow.
I will do our Friday Challenge of putting together a Emergency Kit.

Do you have any plans this week?


  1. Yep.
    I am with you.
    Right now, I am concentrating on keeping our home semi clean, meals on the table, laundry in the drawers, and schooling up to date!
    I adore homemaking, don't you?!
    So glad you had a happy visit.
    Have a cozy afternoon. : )

  2. Chrissy that was so nice for you to spend time with your granny. I wonder if I will still be around when my grandchildren are grown up :-) God knows eh?

  3. Glad that you had a nice visit. Waltons is my favorite show. I use to watch an episode each morning when we had cable. I did receive a couple of season on DVD as a gift. It is nice to watch an episode or two on a cold afternoon. I am still in my deep cleaning, purging mode. It is slow going as there are other things that must be done also. I am trying to get as much of it done as I can since I know that once this school year ends my routine will change.

    1. I really enjoyed watching it. You are doing a good thing by preparing your home as much as you can. just don't over do it. :) I promise it is never ending. LOL.

  4. Your trip sounds lovely and a day the beach, no matter how chilly it is, it a real treat! :) Those shows you were watching are some of my favorites. I wish they made more wholesome shows like that now.

  5. Keeping your home and taking care of your husband and children is plenty to do! My goal with these was/is to be content and cheerful. My children are all grown now. PS I love Dr Quinn Medicine Woman!

  6. Good for you taking time to visit your granny, and seeing the beach. I love homemaking, but there are times we need to just drop it all and refresh our minds with new surroundings.

    I love watching the Walton's, the early years of the Walton's is a lot how I grew up. We don't have any TV's , but we will watch the Walton's online from time to time.

    I have been painting my rocking chairs, swings, porch posts a fresh new clean look. Enjoying these spring like days, when it should be winter.

    Blessing to you sweet friend,

  7. How wonderful to visit your granny, and just be able to relax and get out to the beach too! Loved the fun beach pictures. Have a great week ahead!


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