Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Chat

Hello everyone!!

We have beautiful weather here. I sat on the deck early this morning for prayer and soaked in the sun.

I started my eating healthy off good "today". Part of our Friday Challenge. I had a extra small bowl of oatmeal, egg, and small orange. I also drank my lemon water. It really is not my favorite at all. I do not like lemon water. I may have to research another beneficial drink.

I am kind in a funk after being sick last week. I having a hard time getting back in a flow. I am doing it though. I know this feeling usually hits me this time of year. I am trying to just do things that keep me focused on Jesus, family, health, and home.

I am finishing up a book for review for Bakers Publishing. It is called The Newcomer by Suzanne Woods Fisher. I am really enjoying it. I am also trying to finish The Broken Way and Slow Lane.

Derrick and I had our Valentines Date this past Friday. We had a coupon for a restaurant and we enjoyed a treat out. We had our date early to prevent dealing with crowds and increased prices.

This week I hope to organize some paper work and keep the home up and running.

Hope you all have a super day!


  1. I tend to struggle this time of year also. We are having a mild winter with sunshine and warmer temps. That seems to be helping me. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You'll get back at it, just don't do too much too soon.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Chrissy!
    I am doing the same...catching up on paperwork and little things around the house.
    This morning I had a rare burst of energy, so I did a quick clean of the house!
    Now we are schooling and I am ready for a nap. : )
    Have a cozy evening, my friend!

  3. Hi Chrissy! Your breakfast sounds delicious and filling and healthy! I usually have a little yogurt and a cup of coffee for dinner. I am thinking of eating less dairy so I'm not sure what I'll eat instead. Have a lovely evening!

    1. Hello Gina. In love yogurt. Actually I loce dairy. But I cut back when I have a cold or sinus. It seems to make it worse.

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better. :) I am trying to eat healthier so tonight I had real vanilla ice cream with the real vanilla bean...that's healthier than the fake stuff right? ;)

  5. I can't drink lemon water much either. Our bodies are all different, and we just need to listen to what our bodies tell us :) Sorry to be so behind in my blog reading!


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