Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Challenge- 3 Times

Hello sweet readers!

I am behind on posting today. I have been busy. This past Thursday Hannah had some testing done to find out if she was dyslexic and she was 100% textbook dyslexic. Which we knew but had to have it really evaluated to get her into dyslexic therapy and for her to have a legal document stating she is which will help her with getting drivers license when the time comes and testing help in college or other training avenues she may cross as an adult. It was a long and emotional day but I am glad it is done and we have a plan to move forward to help her.

Today.... Hannah and I went to the church to clean the Sunday School classroom I teach in. I teach 10 and 11 year old Sunday School. I really enjoy it. I just started in November. The previous teacher left to go on a year long mission trip to South America.

Her style was quiet different from mine and it was in need of some organization and a good wipe down. So, we went armed with cleaner, trash bags, and went at it. It looks fresh and orderly. I am so pleased.

The challenge for this WEEK ahead is to set 3 times a day YOU purposefully stop and acknowledge the Lord. You can praise Him, Sing to Him, pray to Him, or read a scripture and think on it. The length of how long you do this is up to you. Just set 3 times you stop and meditate on Him.  This Begins Saturday!

You could do 7 AM, 12 PM, and 8 PM. Just an example. You can set your alarms on your phones, watches, or clocks to remind you to stop and say a little pray, praise or worship Him, and etc. You can spend a minute or 30 minutes. That is up to you. Just stop 3 times a day!  Kind of like the Daniel Way. *Smiles*

Hope you have a good weekend.



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  1. Praying for your sweet Hannah. I too am dyslexic and have dyscalculia also. Unfortunately when I was a child not much was known about either of these things and I was punished for transposing numbers and for having trouble spelling. Reading was not a huge problem for me strangely, but I think that is because I was able to train my brain to track correctly since reading was my escape from the world around me. If I get tired though, I read things backwards. I still, to this day, have to double check all my numbers when I am doing any sort of math to make sure I do not transpose them and I will even type out words incorrectly flipping the letters. My own struggles are what led me into teaching Special Education. I knew that the kids just needed encouragement and that having a learning disability just meant they learned in a different way. I wanted to give them the encouragement and understanding that I was not given as a child.

  2. I love these challenges each Friday, praying for Hannah.


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