Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Chat

Thank you all to the prayers, encouragement, and suggestions that you left me in the comments in the previous post. I sure love my blog community.

I thought I'd share a couple of goals I have this week. I have been very unmotivated but I thought I would share in hopes of accountability.


Pay Bills
Clean Fridge
Clean Car
Clean Purse
Print a form and fax it
Walk a few times this week ( I had been doing it daily even in rain but I have slacked)
Get some sun! In other words.... I need to get outside

That is it for me! Any goals for you this week?


  1. I have been revisiting Laine's Letters. I have printed some of her quotes to post on my fridge. One goal this week is to teach my littlest to form a habit of picking up and putting away. I am the same way I got to get outside. There is just something about walking in the sun, that helps me to relax, breathe deep and forget my cares. Hugs and warm wishes Teresa

    1. I have also been revisiting her letters. How neat.

  2. I like giant cups of tea too 😍
    We have a busy week with grands so my #1 goal is just get through it.
    One of goals last week was a deep clean of our fridge. It truly needed it and I am enjoying it being sparkling clean so much. I hope you get your list done.

  3. Hello friend,
    Thanks for inspiring...always.
    My goal this week?
    Maybe start walking?
    And also some snuggles and some tea. : )

    1. Walking...yay! It has really helped my anxiety.

  4. I love tea too! I keep my pot going in the winter :) Good luck with all your to-do list. It is always good to check things off :)


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