Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some Inspiring Things

I thought I'd share a few things that are inspiring me right now.  I am need of inspiration.

Books are always an inspiration. I have to be honest I have been reading a lot of classics lately and mysteries. But in between I am reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp and The Slow Lane by Monica Wilkinson.

The Broken Way has been a hard read for me. I am not sure why. I have had a hard time really staying connected to it. Although there are some wonderful meaty quotes and life applications I have begin to practice. Ann's writing is unique and I love her for it but for some reason this book has been a little tougher read for me. I am determined to finish it.

The Slow Lane is a great book but it is more of a bible study/devotional/journal approach so it has taken me a bit to go through it. I usually have one or two days a week I can devote to it.

Blogging Inspiration! There are so many blogs and so many posts that inspire. I scaled back last year on the amount of blogs I read. I only read those that inspire me. You can check my sidebar for my favorites. I have came across a few more that I have not added yet but soon will.

Some of my favorite posts recently are....

~Mrs. Rabe has written a wonderful post on mentoring and this is a subject so dear to my heart. This post really confirmed some prayers I have been praying and reminded me again of the importance of mentors/mentees.

~This post by Billie Jo just inspired me to laugh and be okay being me. I loved this. I laughed and shook my head in agreement so many times.

Gina shared this wonderful post and it really ministered to me.

Ideas that inspired me!

Mrs. Laura Lane shared in this post here that she is reading a few blogs from the start to now and I thought this is such an amazing idea. I plan to choose a blog to do. I am excited. It almost reminds me of reading Mrs. Laine's  Letters. Who to start with????

I pinned a neat idea for Lent. I think it is totally worth sharing. Check it out here.

I loved this idea about pretzels for lent. I never knew or realized this about pretzels. I plan to do this with the kids.

Youtube Videos

I have been enjoying watching Fully Raw Kristina. I came across her a long time ago when I was doing green smoothies. I do not practice all she does and don't like all her "pictures" but I do enjoy her ideas and recipes about fresh raw food. Check her out here.

I also have enjoyed watching The Bare Pantry Show on youtube. Known for her super frugal recipes to help families on a budget, she also shares some great Daniel fast recipes for the frugal.

Book Review Posts that make me want to READ that BOOK!

Stephanie and The Enchanting Rose shares some of the best book reviews. Most of the books she shares I know I would love or I have already read. We are reading twins I am sure. *Smiles* This book is one I plan to add to my list this year.

Mrs. Lane shared this book, Control Girl, a while back. I plan to add it.

 A Recipe that I will be trying! Remember I am on the Daniel Fast so this is a Daniel Fast friendly recipe minus the sugar. I will do it without sugar.

Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas

Not that this has really inspired me BUT I have been inspired to read more classics this year due to watching this movie. Sense and Sensibility. This version is by BBC and made in 2008 and it was excellent. I actually preferred it over the most popular with Kate Winslet. Here is a link on youtube to part one and the side bar has part two.

*Warning* I was a little freaked out in the first 25 seconds as it shows a romantic scene although not graphic it was very notable what was taking place BUT once you pass this there is nothing questionable. It is apart of the story and it is not graphic but kind of uncomfortable for me.


Katy shared a quote on her blog, The Country Blossom today by Charles Spurgeon. I love it.
Check out her post here.

                        glorify God. We are never in our element 
until we are praising Him." 
~Charles Spurgeon
How about you any good inspiration you have gotten lately?!


  1. Thank you for linking to my post. Mentoring and encouraging is where my heart is at.

    I have a hard time reading Anne Voskamp, so I don't!

    That version of Sense and Sensibility is my favorite - we just always skip that first scene!

    1. I loved that movie. It was great. I didn't know it that scene was there so I will know now to skip it. LOL.

  2. Chrissy, you are so sweet. I am glad that you enjoyed my blog post. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I think I've only seen the Kate Winslet version. I will have to check out the one you mentioned.

    1. It is very good just skip the first 1 minute. :)

  3. I'm a fan of YouTube especially homemaker YouTubers. I like Pennies into Pearls,
    Kiddos Koral, so many good ones.

    1. Thank you for sharing some. I will check then out

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all the links! I am going to check out many of them and of course, I love Laura. She is so sweet. :) Be blessed!


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