Thursday, May 4, 2017

A SLOWER Paced Day...Finally!

Kyle woke up earlier than normal. I went on my morning walk and when I came back he was curled up on the couch snoozing. I walked in the rain with an umbrella. I am determined. But I would have loved to have went right back to this spot for the whole day. Ahhh! Tis the Life of a Little Kid.

I got to making us breakfast since it was a SLOWER paced day! 

Perfect Breakfast for a rainy SLOW morning. Pancakes, strawberries, and cream. Yum!

Rain....Rain.... Rain!!!! Rain....Wind....Rain!!!! More on its way! Yay!

Welcoming some new people to our neighborhood. Warm Brownies!

Taking advantage of a SLOWER paced day. I cleaned the fridge and freezer. It is all clean, organized, and so nice!! Can you hear the sigh of relief???  Ahhhhh!

Simple lunch for kids today. We don't do this often but every now and then nuggets and fries.

I was intentional today to make sure we had a SLOWER paced day! After homeschooling, chores, and reading aloud to Kyle I curled up with popcorn, and some reads. I am almost finished with Slow Lane. Almost there!!!

I have homemade veggie soup in the crockpot and I will add some French Bread to it with a salad or maybe do French Bread sandwiches. We will play a game tonight and I might try to watch The Victorian Slums series.



  1. I love a good slow paced day! Yours sounds so good!

  2. Hooray for slow days and clean freezers. I will have to look up Slow Lane. It sounds interesting.

  3. I absolutely adore Slow paced, cozy days, Chrissy.
    And your's sounded perfect. : )

  4. Today will be that day for me. Rain, rain, rain and I don't need to leave the house today. So welcome after a busy week!!


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