Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cleaning Closets & a Tip!

Hello everyone! It has been a bit of a different week here at Keeping Home. We wrapped up our school year this week. We had dental appointments and Hannah has been sick. It has been a little unique this week. My oldest son ran into a wall in the dark and busted his forehead open. He is okay but it really hurt him. He does have a big gash. It is healing nice though. I had to wake him up every few hours to make sure he was okay and it was not more serious.

I feel a little tired and wore down to be honest.  I have been resting though when I can.

After our dental appointments, a traditional trip for a treat for our last day of school, and some errands I decided to clean our closet. My side mainly. I packed up all my winter items and tried on many items and discovered new outfits out of ones I had. I also got rid of a lot of items that were TOO BIG! Yay!

It wasn't a huge mess but it was full of winter items and it was hard to find cooler clothes for our hot days we are already having. It was nice to also get rid of many items that were too big and not to small. *Smiles* It was a good chance also for me to see items I need to focus on looking for. I have a lot of everyday things but not a lot of Summer Church Clothes. I will have to keep my eye out.

A tip I wanted to share is whenever I get an appointment card or a coupon and I don't want to forget about those dates. I go to my calendar and paper clip the card or store coupon so I will be reminded of it. Today I got my new appointment for the dental cleanings in November so I flipped to November and clipped the card there.

I hope you have a good rest of the week. Not much left of it!



  1. Good tip! How fun to get rid of clothes that are too big! :)

    Rest and enjoy being done with your school year!

  2. Chrissy, Oh dear. I do need to tidy my closets. I have put the winter clothes away and taken out the spring/summer ones. I think I'm set for now. Love the reminder tip!

  3. I hope your son head is better, poor guy. I just went to Target and bought 3 packs of hangers for my closet. I spotted some hangers that were ocean blue. So, I change out all my black hangers for the blue ones on my side of the closet. Hubbies will hangers are all black. I just recently bought new grey and white cloth and wood bins to organize the top of the closet shelves. Nice idea about keeping up with appointments. Take Care sweet friend.

  4. I love an organized closet. Great job!

    I hope that E and H are both on the mend. It makes me hurt to think how hard he must have hit his head. Ouch!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Great job on the closet!
    I did ours not that long ago...
    Happy Summer Vacation too!!!!
    P.S. Hope your littles are on the mend. : )

  6. Goodness, that must have been quite a hit! Glad it is healing up... and how wonderful to find clothes in your closet that are too big! Have a blessed weekend :)

  7. I always love reading here & the practical tips you give! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ooh, I like the tip about appointment cards. Thanks! I have been rotating out my summer clothes too. It's fun to have a change.

  9. ((((HUGS)))). Goof for you for your weight loss. I am so proud of you and I know you have worked hard to get there. I love your idea with slipping the cards to your calendar...pure genius!


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