Friday, May 26, 2017

Kicking Summer Break Off Just Right

On the first night of summer break we did a movie night. We were going to set it up outside under the stars but it rained. They had a good time anyway! It was such a fun treat for them.

Yesterday we took a small hike on some local nature trails. The weather was very nice and the trails were shaded. It was a perfect evening walk!

If you have kids there are so many free and almost free things you can do . But I tend to lose my creativity so this year I made a plan. We are also taking advantage of our library. They have a lot of fun programs for the summer planned out. From reptiles, Lego fun, robot building, and learning how to protect the Earth. I am looking forward to using these programs for FREE to entertain and have fun with the kids.

I also have planned some frugal and free Random Acts of Kindness to do with the kids this summer.

I chose a few science experiments to do and some fun learning opportunities as well. What about you do you have any fun FREE ideas that you have done with your children during the summer?



  1. You sound like a wonderful mom with great ideas to keep your kids busy in a positive way!! When my kids were young we would pick up garbage in the ditches around our neighborhood. We also love the outdoors so walks, going to the park, riding bikes and hiking. Our backyard neighbor where we share a common fence has a swimming pool and is always so generous in sharing it. My boys loved spending hot summer days over there as well.
    Sounds like you are off to a great start!
    happy summer
    Saimi :)

    1. Thank you! I love the idea of picking up trash!!! Thank you a lot for sharing and visiting.

  2. Wonderful start to a wonderful summer, my friend!
    Great photos!!!
    We tend to do what we have always done...outside to play in the morning...perhaps take a walk...then around noon when the heat and tea start, we come in for lunch and quiet time. It used to be naps, but now we rest, watch a movie, or play a game. We like to go to our friend's pool in the early evening, or head back outside. Then we have dinner and end up sitting on the porch with ice cream cones! Simple. But hopefully memory making for my little ones.

  3. I agree with Billie Jo, what a wonderful start to the summer. Indeed, it looks like they had a grand time :)

    Enjoy the long weekend! Hugs!

  4. That's a fun start to summer! Our plans for the summer are going to be slow and simple. Sleep late, play, picnic in the park, swimming at my parents in the afternoon and to spend plenty of time at our favorite place... home.

  5. Sounds fun! We like to go to a local creek and play,explore, and cool down. We like to read, watch movie marathons, go hiking, etc.

  6. Parks, parks, and more parks. We had a Mother's Day outing an at old favorite park of mine and fed birdseed to the ducks. They walked away from the corn. We also found a huge pile of pink fish eggs. (Wild caviar lol) with a mint sprig among them. (No, we didn't eat it, but I did share the pic and asked jokingly who wanted wild caviar with a mint sprig)

  7. We love...going canoeing for free, getting together with others to play baseball, going biking, playing croquet, The boys recently did a hunter's safety field day which was free - Megan and I meanwhile hiked some local trails. I have written down on my calendar a free day at the local museum with a special exhibit going on. We look for wild foods and go berry picking. Community band concerts in the park are also fun. There are so many fun things to do for free!


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