Sunday, May 14, 2017

Started in a Gazebo in the Midst of a Rose Garden

I have wrote in my journal for a long time on Mother's Day. It all started many years ago on a Mother's Day in a gazebo in the midst of a rose garden at a local park. My kids were all tiny then. I just started homeschooling. My husband made me leave after our family time to get some alone time.

I went to a local park with a notebook, pen, and camera. Oh and a cold coffee drink. I remember singing a hymn to the Lord, sitting and enjoying the beauty of the rose garden. I took a walk and snapped pictures. Then I began to praise God for being a mom. It hit me then...I mean really hit me...the task that I have. The importance of it. The honor of it. The amazing fun and blessing of being a mother wrapped me up in that moment.

I took that journal and wrote. I wrote how I felt about the past year as a mom and what I wanted to change for that new year. Mother's Day that day kind of became a New Year's Day sort of. I set goals for my motherhood, changes, and dreams. I prayed over those things. Took another walk and headed home. To enjoy porch time with the family.

I have never forgot that day. It was the most memorable moment in my life. I am not sure why. But maybe it just was that "moment" that God brightened the light and allowed me to see and feel the beauty and responsibility to motherhood.

Many Mother's Day's have come and gone since that one. Some great and some difficult. Very difficult! I still kept the tradition of journaling about the day.

Today as my day comes to an end I opened my journal and recorded the day. I thought I would share a little here. For my memory purposes.


Today started as every Mother's Day does. Getting ready for church. The kids and my husband gave me their gifts they had gotten me and we took pictures. We headed to church. I taught Sunday School class for the 10-11 year olds. We put our little plants together for their mom's. Church service was nice. Pastor taught a wonderful message that makes me want to check my heart, renew myself to the purpose of motherhood, and vow to do all I can with Jesus to raise a child unto Him.

We headed home and my husband and we did our tradition of cooking out. Derrick made me a yummy pork steak. I cooked up pasta salad and some extra sides. Ethan picked up a chocolate pie that was so amazing.

The kids and Derrick cleaned the kitchen and I have lounged a little, read a little, and wrote in my journal. I am half debating to take a nap but it is already so late. I will probably enjoy a movie. The kids are all out playing and relaxing. Derrick is getting a much needed time of relaxation.

As far as this past year in motherhood it has had its up's and down's. I can see a lot of areas I need to work on but I also thank God for helping me be consistent with a lot of things this past year. Even amongst many personal trials with my mind and body God held my hand and protected our family and helped me try to build this home the best I can in Him.

This year if I have one thing I want to work on between this day and next it would be to Embrace The Next Season I am entering. I am entering a season of older children and one preparing to leave the nest. life is but a vapor. How quick it has been. This journey of motherhood really flies.

I have to be honest one of the struggles I have had this year is leaving the "little kid" season. I loved that season but my kids are entering a total different phase of their growth. I want to fight it and keep them small but I am now realizing how important it is to enjoy the season I am in. The preteens, the young adult and etc. It is hard. I keep forgetting they are older. There were so many things I wanted to do with them and I didn't. Oh, how I could tell a young mom to let go of things and just be present in those little ones lives. How I would encourage them to have fun with them. To let go of certain things and embrace the mess and sleepless nights. They are short lived.

This year I want to learn to accept the new season I am in with my children and learn how to invest in their hearts at this time in their lives.

Lord... please help me to do this. Please help me when I want to control and not let go. Help me trust you love them more than I and that you have their best interest at heart. Please quicken my heart to not be wrapped up in things and neglect investing in them like I need to. Let me also lay down my pride and my desires I have for them and help me watch them grow. Impress upon me to encourage them to find their purpose in you and teach them to be selfless by example.

Thank you Jesus...Amen!

Blessings friends and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. It is truly a beautiful life. Enjoy it!

  2. Every season of parenting is beautiful. I'm happy to see you're embracing the journey. Happy Mother's Day, Chrissy!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition. I love writing in my journal. It's like therapy for me. You have inspired me to write more often. Thank you.

  4. A beautiful post Chrissy... such a special time with the Lord that night many years ago and a tradition that continues on, how wonderful that is! I agree with you, I am in that season with older children, and learning how to gently let go is hard, but we must realize as mother that this is what we have been training our children for all along, and now we get to see the results of all our efforts. You have done an amazing job raising godly children, and the Lord will be with them! Hugs to you today :)


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