Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer Planning, Laundry, and Stopping Boredom

Today's post will be a Hodge Podge of sorts.  I have started planning for summer. I will share why I do this in a future post. I have found some really great printables off the great PINNING site. *Smiles* Do you plan for summer? Even if your kids are grown do you set goals for yourself? Books, places to see, projects, and etc.?

I scored some yard sale goodies last weekend. A friend of mine and I were on our way to gets some plants from her yard to transplant into my yard (Free Plants..Yay) and we seen a yard sale. So, we did what most average people do we whipped up in there and bought others junk.

They had a bag you could buy for $8 and fill it up. So, I got a beautiful collection of wholesome books to read for the summer. YAY!!!! I found a cute little basket as shown below. I stuffed the books in the basket to fill my bag up more. *Smiles*

I also found a pillow for my deck, and some candle holders. Mainly though I stocked up on BOOKS! I am not showing all that I got in the pictures below for time sake. It was a good little haul for $8!

I also have been working on my summer wardrobe. I have lost 2 sizes since last summer. So, I had NO summer clothes. I didn't have a bunch of money just to go buy clothes. But I got basic pieces for every day and I am looking for church clothes now. I am looking for a swim dress but they are super costly. BaHUmBuG!

My son has been finishing his school work early and then complaining he is bored! I came up with a solution today! He was very thrilled. I suggested he clean all the light switch plates and doorknobs.

His face!!!! Priceless!!!  I love it!!!!! Can you hear me laughing??!!! I am rolling as I am looking at this picture!!!! HAHAHA!!! He literally cleaned them all!!!!!!

This is a daily and I mean DAILY to do here at Keeping Home. LAUNDRY!

Well, enough rambling!

Have a super day!


  1. I need to find a garage sale with wholesome books! All I ever see is trash novels. Sigh.

    Bored is a word I have never allowed. I have always told Megan "only boring people get bored. Then I would start asking questions like is your room tidy, are there finger prints on the front and back door glass to clean off, go check the flower beds for weed and pull any you see." Ha! She got the point quickly and now keeps herself busy.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Can you sew? Are you able to rip out a seam on one side of a skirt take it in to make it smaller. Just a thought. ;)

    I haven't planned for summer. I have already told Megan we will home often. I purchased some things from the dollar store for outside play. Besides that we will go to my parents to swim and to the park now and then. I'm hoping for a sloooow, easy summer!

  2. I haven't thought about making summer plans before. I have to give that some thought. I hope to take the girls to some free things near by. Like Wendi I purchased some outdoor play toys to keep on the deck. I am looking forward to summer just enjoying each day. And keeping my front porch swing busy.

    1. We keep it oayed back just try to be intentional. The last two summers I failed to plan and they were hard summers.

  3. I just love your bedspread quilt! It's so cheerful!

    1. Thank you. I got in on a clearance rack for $14.00!


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