Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Boy and Box

I am so thankful my son has an imagination still. Just when I worry if he is losing it he shows me it is still there. We had gotten a box from a car part and my son has made this box his little cubby for two days. He crawls in it, sits in it, and tries to scare people as well. He is squished up in this box by choice watching a video on the Ipad at this very moment.

It is just a BOX! Really... it is just the simple things in life that can bring joy to those with a little creativity and imagination.

Earlier today we headed to the library for a free Animal Program. It was a lot of fun and we learned a few new things. They had an Owl, a Solomon Island Lizard (You know my love for Sol Islands), and a disgusting Roach from Madagascar.  That one could have been skipped. It even hissed. Ugh! I just do not like bugs really.

What fun you have going on ?



  1. Do you have a cat? They love boxes!!

  2. Awe !! Fun !! That Bud !! ��

  3. Boxes are a lot of fun for kids...our little one use to play in them. I need to check with our library and see what they are offering this summer. Love this post!

    1. Thank you. I love the library. It is such a blessing and offers such nice free things for the kids to enjoy.

  4. I love how children take the simplest items and have so much fun with them! Great photographs!


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