Thursday, June 1, 2017

Blog Accountabilty-Does it Work?

Happy day friends. I shared my to do's that I wanted to do yesterday so I could have accountability. Did it Work?

I started bright and early to beat the heat! It still got warm quick.

I am in the process of cleaning the garage completely out. I swept it all out and went through all the boxes and got donated and trashed a lot.

Everything had been swept and cleaned and put back in place. Not to bad for a family of 5.

Then after I took little man to the pool for a few hours we came home and ate lunch. I read a little and then got to making the course study for each of my kids. I went through what I had and found free or close to free schooling options.

Today my goals are....

To enjoy this morning taking my little man to the library for a Animal Program and spending time with him.

Making Donations from garage clean out

Make grocery list for tomorrow

Start going through curriculum and making supply list and reader lists.



  1. Goodness me, you are busy Chrissy. In our dreadful heatwaves during summer it is all I can do to survive never mind any deep cleaning :-)

  2. Looking good! Keep ticking things off that list... I know it feels good! :)

  3. Chrissy, great job! Your garage looks fabulous! I'm glad you had time to relax by the pool after your hard day of work.

  4. My to do lists get done magically better if I write them on chartreuse paper from office max. I have no idea why this is. My blog is just a collection of notable happenings and things I find online that pique my interest.

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  6. My 2 homeschooling kids are still busy with a couple subjects each. Haven't felt up to thinking about new school year yet. I know it will come quickly.
    Have a wonderful summer. I hope you find it all to be so productive.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. Hi Chrissy, Now your garage appearance looking fabulous! Arranging and special Domestic Cleaning our garage is also in my list. By the way I am happy to see that you had enough time to relax in your bedroom after a hard busy day! Stay blessed

  8. Good job getting your things done! I have a hard time following through and doing what needs to be done, especially if there's no deadline.


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