Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Little House on the Prairie-Favorite Scene/Epsiode

Hello everyone! I got my Master Bedroom all deep cleaned. Washed curtains, bedding, cleaned baseboards, ceiling fan, vacuumed mattress, vacuumed and dusted everything. It is all spiffy!

On a different note... I thought it would be fun to share our favorite Little House on the Prairie Scenes or episodes.

Here is mine...

I love the episode where an elderly lady fakes her death so that she can see her family again. She puts this party on. I just thought this episode was a great eye opener to what some older people feel like.

I love any episode with Mr. Edwards. He is one of my top favorite characters.

The Pilot was the best above all. It kicked off the show and so many fell in love with these characters.

There are so many great and rich scenes in this show. I tend to love the earlier seasons of Little House on the Prairie. I do love all but something about the earlier seasons just speaks to my heart.

What about you?  Your favorite scene? Your favorite character?

Have a super Tuesday!


  1. Two best episodes are The Richest Man in Walnut Grove and Christmas at Plum Creek. Cheryl

  2. I have so man y! That was one of my favorite shows growing up. I have to admit that I loved the ones where that snot nosed Nellie got what was coming to her...LOL!

  3. I don't think I have a favorite episode, I loved them all! But one of my favorite characters, is the mom, Caroline. She always takes care of everything and the house is always clean and tidy!

  4. I also like the earlier episodes. I felt that as time went on they show was less simple and full of more drama. It's hard to pick one favorite character. My favorite episode was when Mrs. Olsen and Nellie got into poison ivy. Mrs. Olsen was on those love to hate characters!

  5. OK.
    I loved that show.
    Still do!
    Love the episodes with Laura and Almanzo and Nellie!
    Thanks for sharing, Chrissy.
    P.S. Send some of your energy my way!!!

  6. The one entitled "Sylvia" was a little on the dark side, but it was sobering and probably my favorite. Sylvia is a 12 year old girl who is being raised by a widowed father who is abusive. She is raped by a "man in a mask" while walking home and becomes pregnant. Laura's adopted brother Albert then says he'll marry her. At the end, Sylvia dies from a fall after running away from the rapist a second time.

  7. Sorry this is Danielle Pate. I didn't realize I was in my daughter's account.

  8. We LOVE Little House on the Prairie!!! I loved it as a girl & have loved buying all of the seasons to share with my own kiddos! It's so wholesome! Pa reminds me so much of my own Daddy. Laura reminds me so much of myself, getting into a mess but also having a good heart. We have found that "When Calls the Heart" & "Ann with an E" are both similar.


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