Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Chat

Hey sweet friends!!! I am plugging away at my long list I shared with you for my Summer To Do's. Here are a few of the things I have worked on.

*Detailed and washed the Van! It is all nice and clean!!!
*Planned Ethan's (Our Senior's) Summer Session of school
*Cleaned garage
*Worked on Printing things for our upcoming school year

All this along with just daily life and daily chores. We have a busy week ahead. My youngest has church camp but I will be taking him back and forth. is close by. He isn't big on staying over night and we are not either. My daughter is still visiting her nana and my oldest starts his summer school work.

I have been battling a bad case of insomnia this past week and it is starting to hit me. I have had so many things I wanted to do but I find myself getting super tired. Which then leads to laying around after I do chores. Please pray this will not last long. I do go through bouts of insomnia but it has been a long while since I have.

I would like to take advantage of my younger children being gone this week and truly tackle some home projects and school stuff so I can spend the rest of my summer being present with them and enjoying summer. I will burn out if not. Hopefully, these sleepless nights will pass!!

In the home this week I "plan" to....

Master Bedroom Detail clean
Boys Bedroom Detail Clean
Boys Bathroom Detail Clean
Shampoo Carpets and Furniture

In the schooling area I "plan" to....

Print out printable for lapbooks and worksheets needed for certain lessons
Look over curricula
Plan book list
Finalize calendar
Return some items

In Health this week....

Meal Prep for my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for a few days
Continue my walking
Add AB Work

That is it friends. I can't say how much I will be on this week. I find that when I am in the midst of trying to tackle things it makes it difficult to be regular. But I will try.

Any plans for you this week?



  1. ~fist bump~
    Your list is somewhat similar to mine!(but the 2younger guys will be tackling their room--under my supervision. And I must clean the utility room/laundry!) Have a great week!

  2. * A well organized week Chrissy. You inspire me! Take Care sweet friend

  3. I can hardly believe you have a senior! You're so young! I have a senior this year, too. I've got to start working on his senior year plans before I get too sick. I am so glad you're working on your bucket list and making progress. Be blessed!
    You're on my blogroll dearie! I've not had a lot of energy to read and comment lately, please understand. God bless!


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