Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quieting the Mind & Silencing the Heart

 I am reading a book during my quiet time called Early Morning Revival Challenge by Mrs. Sharon White. It is a 90 Day book that has journaling, prayer, reading Psalms and Proverbs, and Quotes from Ministers of Old.

This quote struck a chord with me.

"There is no way of quieting the mind, and of silencing the heart of a mother, but Godly submission." -Samuel Rutherford, 1600's

Oh.... how true dear friends. Submission. That word makes a lot of people cringe. I am not sure why although I am sure I myself have at times cringed or avoided certain things and not fully surrendering as I should.

Submission-the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person:

The Lord has a perfect design and if we follow that design how more beneficial our lives would be. How much more peace would we have?  How many blessings do we miss out on due to our lack of godly submission?  Praise the Lord for His sweetness and grace. But may we truly embrace this thought above.

No matter what season we are in in our "mothering" or shall I say just being a woman. Young mama to older mama, empty nest mama, and now grandmamma.

This living life submitted to God and to those he has placed in our lives provides safety, peace, and wisdom and it really does quiet the mind. It silences our heart. Because we are submitted to the Lord we have complete TRUST! Complete TRUST helps us LET GO and LET GOD.

God be the GOD of our LIVES today and everyday. Help us when we try to control, hide and run from submission to your ways and  the Word. We love you, Jesus. Amen!

What about you and thoughts on how your feel about this? In what ways do you quiet your mind and heart through Jesus??? Share!



  1. It really is when I place my trust in His plan that peace comes. Thankfully He knows me and knows I have to 'talk it all out', then I give it to Him, and find peace.

  2. Oh Goodness, what timely post. Having recently gone through a really scary health crisis with our Rachel and coming close to losing her, I had to learn to submit to God's will and to find my peace in HIM knowing that he heard my prayers and cries for my girl and that HE loved her even more than I do. It gave me a peace to know that HE was in control and that I could trust in HIM. HE also gave me the strength to be at that hospital with her every day and stay late into the night too to help support her and take care of my newborn grandson while his Mommy fought some horrible infections. He is placed me there at the hospital to help a dear friend through her own health crisis where she got some scary news. We prayed over her as a family and the tumor that they were sure was cancer has disappeared. God is good!


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