Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Day 6- Daughter Date

Today my daughter and I went to our favorite lunch spot. We haven't been to this place since last Fall. It was a treat. Panera is our FAVORITE. We both had Broccoli and Cheddar Bread Bowls.
We then went to Kirkland's. This is one of our favorite Stores. She bought me a Drift Wood Pineapple for my Birthday from there. Pineapples mean Hospitality. Since...we live in the southern states which is known for hospitality they are big hit in this area for now.

What this pineapple really reminds me of is our missions trip to Solomon Islands. How my heart aches to go back.

What is your favorite place to have lunch? Do you and your children (even grown) have a favorite spot?



  1. We have a favorite park. It's full of all kinds of exciting nature. Last time we went, we found pink fish eggs on the shore.

  2. We don't have the $$ to do anything extra, but once a year, on each of our three kids' birthdays, we take them out to a fast food place of their choice. They generally choose Five Guys or Sonic or Jack in the Box. On my birthday, I usually choose either Chipotle or Taco Bell, and my husband usually chooses a pizza place of some type on his birthday :)

    1. We don't do a lot either due to money. I used my birthday money to do it. :) I understand completely! We do the same thing for birthdays but this year we were low on cash so we made their favorite dish.

  3. I Love these daughters dates...We love going to Panda Express, I can't imagine why my girls loves Chinese.(*- wink) We also love browsing TJMAXX, Target, or Micheal's.


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