Saturday, July 8, 2017

High Hopes

I may have high hopes. But I pulled out all of my books that I have been wanting to read or reread. I have had these books for a long time.  I would like to tackle them in a few months.

Currently I am reading these books...

Seasons of a Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson
The Power of a Transformed Wife by Lori Alexander (Blogger of Always Learning)
The 12 Brides of Summer Collection by several authors (collaboration of works)
The Life Giving Home By Sally Clarkson ( I am reading the future month to be prepared for the upcoming month) This book is set up different.

I am loving them all. Wishing I could just digest them all and read more and more.

I also have been very productive in the home. I have gotten the kitchen completely deep cleaned and organized and the dining area!!! Woohoooo!!!!

I have only 5 areas left of the 10 areas. Half way down!!!! I am in the homestretch. YAY! I have also got all our school lessons planned for the year! Woohoooooooo!!!!!!! I just need to make a read aloud books list, order a few more supplements, and get experiment/craft projects supplies.

I am just now getting in a summer rhythm and we plan to start school August 7th. Sigh!!!!

 What is in your reading pile? Any good books you have read this summer??

Have a good weekend!!!


  1. We plan to start school August 7th also. I haven't planned much. I have it on my list for next week. I had better get on it!

    I've been pretty active this summer so I haven't had much time to read. I am making a list of things to put on my library wish list. Traditional school starts in less then two weeks so our schedule should start to slow down. I hope anyway!

  2. The main thing with high hopes is that even if you don't achieve 100% of it, you will have still made progress.

  3. Hi Chrissy,
    Few things in life make me content as a pile of books on my nightstand.
    I am currently in summer mode, enjoying time with Madison and Nicolas.
    Once they will start my school planning and yearly scrapbooking.
    Have a cozy Sunday. : )

  4. Hello!
    I loved seeing a visual of all the books you'd like to get to. The Christian Home School by Harris changed our family's life. It was one of the first homeschooling books I read. If not for that book, we might have taken a different direction for our children's education.
    Be blessed and snatch read!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  5. I love your list of books, Oh how I would love to read those as well. The rest of your books look very interesting. There is nothing like curling up and unwind with a good book. We haven't plan our school year yet, our kids are busy with youth camps. I am not sure of our starting date. Waiting on the school books to arrive. I love this time of the year when all the new school supplies are hitting the stores. Have a great week.

  6. What a great feeling to be so organized! I love it when that happens! Your reading list lineup looks amazing :)

  7. Chrissy, you do have a nice stack of books. I love reading! ♥

  8. I want to read "The Life Giving Home"! I should take a picture of my stack. :)
    Happy Wednesday!!

  9. My goodness, you have been busy! I've got a bunch of books I am trying to get read too and still keep borrowing more from the library. So many books, so little time! ;)

  10. Life Giving Home, oh my! I love that book! I think I could be friends with Sally Clarkson!

    Getting the school room ready target start date: 7/31! (Finished the last week of April)


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