Friday, August 11, 2017

A Little Goes a Long Way-Being a World Changer

Hello everyone. I am a partner with Mercy House Global. Check them out here. It is a wonderful ministry that helps young mothers all over the world make an income to be able to meet the needs of their families. Mercy House gives jobs to the ladies by giving them the supplies they need to make their handicrafts and sale them to people all over the world.

I support this ministry monthly. But every now and then I purchase an item. This month they had these tic~tac~toe bags for $5.00. That is a few days of meals for these women and their children. The quality was exceptional.

I also received a picture of the ladies that had a hand in making these bags. I put it on the fridge to pray for them. The kids love this bag. It is great for travel and just when your out and about.

Here are some pictures of what I received.

Do you support any global ministries?  I know people are nervous on helping certain ministries. This Ministry Ann Voskamp is a huge supporter of and promotes it. So, I trust her in her suggestion. I have also researched it and it truly is a great ministry with a great purpose.

Let's be ARROWS ladies! Let us shoot our blessings to others across the world and shower blessings on those in need.


  1. The last thing I gave to financially was to a kickstarter campaign for a 20 year follow up documentary on a 1997 Christian book called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." If you're about my age, you may remember it. I gave just enough to get an early release digital download. Other than that, I really just help my own family members when I can and try to persuade the extremely wealthy churches in my city to help the growing homeless population here. That one is soooooo hard. They treat them like untouchables.

  2. What an awesome thing to support. The product looks great.

  3. We support missions at our church. Maybe in the near future we thought about supporting a child from One Child Chance. We need the people personally who started this and it is very trust worthy. What a wonderful idea and I love the little bag.

    1. Oops We KNOW the people who started this. Sorry about


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