Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School Mantle

Hello everyone! We are starting school August 14th. We originally planned for the 7th but due to us going out of town it just didn't work the way I had planned. All is good! It is the luxury of homeschool.

Here is our Back to School mantle and some little places in our home we will use for school.

I got this new board for our memory verses, announcements, character of month, and other things.

This other nook is a corner in our dining area where we do school. I found this cute metal USA cut out at Michael's craft store for $5.99 on sale. We are studying states and etc. so it was a perfect item for the school area. I also have a canvas rolling cart for school manuals and books.

We are having our "Back to School" meeting today. This is where I go over expectations, share with them the plans, and go over "home rules" again!

I hope you all are doing good. I have been really busy and then took some time to rest. I have been reading most of my blogs I follow but not posting. I hope to get back to regular schedule soon.



  1. HI Chrissy,
    I am behind on my blog reading again so you are still a step ahead of me. ;) I love your back to school areas and decor. I so miss homeschooling my kids and wish I had that time back with them.

  2. Chrissy, your schoolroom is so sweet! It makes me want to study there!

  3. Looks great, Chrissy!!!
    Homeschooling is the best!

  4. Looks like you all are ready to get back into the swing of school. Only one week in and I alreay love the flexibility of homeschooling!

  5. All the best with the school year, Chrissy. Of course ours is nearly finished here in Australia :-)

  6. Yay, it won't be long. I love all the homeschool decoration. Happy Homeschooling. I hope you all have a great year.


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