Monday, September 18, 2017


Yearning- An intense longing for something. Craving, hunger, wishing, longing, wanting, desiring

This word came to my heart today. I have a yearning. A yearning for the Lord. A yearning for His coming. A yearning to sit at His feet. A yearning to be in His presence.

I also have a yearning for our home to represent Him. For Jesus to flow through each room of our home. A yearning for my children and their souls. I yearn for their salvation and for them to love Christ with everything.

I yearn for a marriage that is wholesome, unified, and for Jesus to be the Center. I yearn to be a wife of honor, love, and encouragement. Faithful in the small things in marriage as well as the large.

I yearn to have a heart for weary souls. Lost souls, dry burned out souls, confused souls, bitter souls, souls lost, and prodigal souls. I yearn to see Kingdom building as it once was. Not to be so consumed with my own life.

I yearn for this country to get back to the roots of God. I have a yearning for the World to know their creator. Worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

I yearn for churches to get back to their First Love!

Yearning is a good thing. It can be a heavy weight if we let it. But their are too many great promises in the Word, inner joy from the Lord, and hope that helps me when my heart is churning like this.

I cling to the rock. The word says Jesus is like a Living Stone in 1 Peter. A stone! He is sturdy, grounded, and strong. I am thankful I have a God like this. A cornerstone that holds the weight!



Any thoughts on your mind lately?  Anything you would like to share from your devotions?

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  1. Chrissy, I agree 100%. "As a deer panteth for the water..."

  2. I feel the same way. Beautiful post.

  3. Are you and your husband ok? What you are describing is just part of the human condition. Even in the Bible it says that man looks at the sun and stars and knows there is a God. (I'm paraphrasing, Bible not in front of me)

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    2. Oh yes. He is a rock to me. I am meaning I yearn for more good and God.

  4. You have a good heart Chrissy, Amen sister so do I!


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