Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My One Word-How is it going?

At the beginning of every new year I pray for a word to study or try to focus on for the year. I wanted to share how that is going and what I am doing to make it applicable to my life.

This year's word is PRAY! I began to feel this so strong last October and November. I chose this word or shall I say it chose me because I was in a very difficult place last year and was beginning to struggle with my prayer life due to many health issues.

                          Training our kids for their own personal time. Yes....that is decaf coffee!

When the New Year started I began to pour myself into studying, learning, and doing more of prayer.
My Pastor kicked off something new last year and had corporate prayer the first 3 days of the month in January, February, and March. We met Monday through Wednesday and had focus prayer and worship.

It really was the kick start I needed. I had NO idea that the journey I was about to take would be so important in so many ways. I have had to fight in prayer so much this year for so many things. It has been amazing to see the outcome. I am also learning to trust and have patience when I don't see immediate results.

A couple of resources that has helped me this year are...

a personal journal- writing scripture and promises and praying them
31 Days of Praying for My Husband
Print outs from Pinterest on daily things to pray over our children
Reading the Book, Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret by Moody Classics (WONDERFUL)
Revive Our Heart Podcasts
MY BIBLE-Praying the Word, Praying Prayers in the Word
Simple Living For Him Podcasts

These resources above have been instrumental in my year! They have impacted me in so many ways.

How about you?  Are you living out the Word you chose at the beginning of the year?  Any goals or resolutions you are working toward?

Now is a good time to evaluate!!!



  1. Reading scriptures and truly praying for the things I need, as he hears and answers prayer but we have to ask. Just like our kids ask us for things. We need to humbly ask and thank him for our many blessings. It is so easy to take for granted all we have. I know I do and can be very ungrateful. I know when our children are ungrateful it hurts.

  2. Chrissy, what a wonderful post, it spoke to my heart today. Yes, my hubby and I are working on reading the bible through this year. My goal is to read it through three times. My daughters have their devotion time each day. Plus they memorize chapters for school. Thank you for sharing your sources some I have visited. I am always looking for things to inspire. Hugs to you have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you. I am also reading through the year with the bible.

  3. Chrissy, thank you for this encouraging post. Love your word for the year. I chose a word too but for some reason I can't think of it at the moment. :-)

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  5. I love that you chose the word PRAY. I think I may need to focus on that this coming new year. Happy Saturday!! :)

  6. How wonderful that you started the year off with prayer as your forethought in mind. Isn't it wonderful to know that when we can go to the Lord in prayer and we can see HIM work and change in our hearts and lives. The first three days of each month starting with prayer and worship must have been really wonderful! So thankful to hear the good report of how prayer is making a difference in your heart and your home and your life! I enjoyed the list of books that you shared. There's nothing more powerful in my life than the very word of God even though I have been blessed by so many books that are so wonderful and encouraging. Praying the Lord continues to bless and strengthen you and your family in HIM!


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