Monday, November 6, 2017

Sadness but It Is Well....

In these past few moments I just keep humming, "It is Well With My Soul". It is comforting! I will be honest I had a heavy dread on me all day yesterday. Something I just really couldn't shake. Matter of fact it started on Saturday. I just felt I needed and wanted to do nothing but sit in the Lord's Presence. I told my husband on the way to a church we were traveling to that he was going to preach at last night that I had a heaviness and felt dread. Right then we begin to pray.

I had no idea of the shooting that took place yesterday because I try not to get on the internet on Sunday much and we don't have Television. I didn't find out about it until we were at the church around 6:00 PM when the Pastor requested prayer.

My heart sank. I am not saying that this heaviness or dread I was experiencing was from this but I do know I believe that if we are walking in the spirit and we faithfully pray for our nation and church bodies that you do get a spirit of intercession that should break our heart for what breaks His.

I will be honest last night after I read an article about it all before bed I asked my husband that ultimate question...WHY?! Why did God allow this?  Why did He not stop this?! I was so hurt and confused at the situation, not the Lord, but just thought it was so devastating.

It could have been my family that had just went to church. Or yours. I am thankful it wasn't but I am so terribly sad for those that it was. I feel so hurt for them. I just want to cry and shake my fist at all.

We live in a wicked time. Wickedness has always been around though. I pray that these families can find consolation and comfort during this time and all that is to come.

All I can do is stand on God's truths, hope, and sing "It is Well with My soul"!!!



  1. Chrissy, I was online on our news channel when the story broke. It was hard to believe that could happen in such a little town...and why? Some things are just too hard to understand. Big hugs to you all.

  2. It is an amazing time we live in, and not in all good ways. I read this afternoon that the shooters ex inlaws sometimes went to that church, so that may be why he chose that church. He obviously had issues with God, and blamed Christians. You're right it could be any church in any town. We just cling to Jesus and ask for Grace if He asks us to go through something like that.

  3. We are told in the last days men's hearts shall fail them. But this is satan's way to make us live in fear. I will not live in fear, I will have faith in the Lord. I can have empathy and feel bad for the victims and I can pray and will pray for their sadness, but I will trust in the Lord for myself. It is a very hard world right now and I am afraid it will only get worse. We just have to stand together and have faith.

  4. I'm thankful my hope lies in Christ! Without my faith I'm not sure I could handle the heartbreak of these situations. So much brokenness in the world and the only thing that will heal the broken is Jesus.

  5. Chrissy, the news seems to always hold such sad tragic events. I do my best to keep my eyes on the Lord and pray for those involved. {{HUGS}}

  6. The news states that his mother in law went to the church, but did he? If he had severe mental health issues to begin with, then 1. They should have been addressed. Usually in strict churches like this, they aren’t. I went to a strict Baptist Christian school when I was in junior high and back in 2011 my old math teacher had by then developed untreated dementia and was fired and arrested for sexually acting out in class. 2. Baptist churches like to pound it into your head that you aren’t really saved or don’t really have Christ, etc. if he was already that nuts, then an identity crisis that that kind of thing causes would cause one to snap! I’m definitely not excusing what he did. I just think all the details are not being told.


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