Monday, January 8, 2018

Cooking from Scratch

Here are a few things I plan to make from scratch this month.

Homemade Bread (sandwich bread) by Big Family Homestead

Bread Machine Rolls  by Betty Crocker 

Taco seasoning by CopyKat  
Spaghetti Sauce by Aspired Living

Strawberry Muffins  by Hillbilly Housewife (Her site is not working at moment)

I use to make bread often but seasons in life got me out of the habit. I am going to see if it is more cost efficient and if my family prefers it.

Do you have any recipes you plan to try this month??


  1. I have some new casserole recipes (Casserole Queens cookbook) that I am going to try doubling and freezing to avoid impromptu pizza or flat out nothing ( y'all are on your own) for dinner.

  2. I will be making two lasagna's this week and 4 pans of enchiladas 2 chicken and two beef. My neighbor across the street who has lost both legs due to Vietnam has been in the Hospital for a month with double pneumonia, he just got out and his poor daughter is trying to care for them and work full time.

  3. I posted about the beef stew that I made last week. Easy and delicious!

  4. My fiancé is the master of cooking from scratch. Not only that, but he’s a chemist, so his abilities outnumber mine by the hundreds in this area. I have cooked from scratch, but I’ve always been a person who was always on the go and having to be all over the place for work related things. So I did quick and easy all the time. Not necessarily expensive- but quick and easy. I’m having an existential crisis over this, like I’m the woman so I should be doing the cooking, but it’s obvious he’s the one that just falls into the roll. At least now, my quick and easy on the go food will be pulled from the freezer and not from a drive through or something processed or ready made.

  5. Also, back a long time ago, I had a grapevine at my parents’ house. I used the leaves to make dolmathes or some people say dolmas. I learned from an elderly woman on YouTube how to make them. She too had a grapevine in her yard, but her broken English made her say, “if you are lucky like me, you will have vines growing *in* your house.” I don’t know if she’s still around.

  6. Here’s Eva lol:

  7. No new recipes on my menu for this month. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like your new recipes.

  8. I want to bake more bread this year, for us and to share with others. I also want to do some freezer cooking.

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