Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Getting Real-Info Overload-I am Never Doing Enough

I am going to just get real here. I try to use my blog as a place of encouragement, tips, and journal keeping. But sometimes I just want to write. I want to share my heart. I want to share my struggles at times. I look at my blog and those that I read as some form of sisterhood. *Smiles* I look forward to reading what is going on in your lives. I also like sharing mine. I feel this special bond and I am thankful for it.

Every time this year for years I feel the way I do right now. I begin to feel blah. I begin to feel not motivated. Burned out. I start stressing over how we need to budget more, live more fugal, worry about how we are going to ever get out of this debt, fall off and get back on eating right, feeling like I am not doing enough in homeschool and really don't want to do anymore at this point, stress on trying to save money at the grocery store, worry that I am not feeding the kids healthy foods all the time, and trying to find ways to save more and on and on!

How is that for transparency?! I know there is enough humbug in the world with out mine. I also know there is a lot more pressing and saddening things in this world than my rambling thoughts and frustrations but none the less I still feel this way.

I try to count my blessings, be thankful, and I do hope in Christ. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes. As if I am never doing enough or eating TOO MUCH...Hahaha !  I am totally serious about the last remark.

The funny thing is this is how I feel EVERY SINGLE TIME at THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. It is truly crazy. I can look back at my journals, even blog posts and see the cycle. I wonder if it is because this time of year brings out all the BEST ideas. You know what I mean. Holiday planning, decorating, the beginning of the New Year (diets, budgets, simplifying) and etc.

I have no idea as to why I begin to feel this overwhelming feeling that I am not doing enough and need to do things different.  I begin to research, read, and research some more. Which then overwhelms me more. It is like going to a shampoo and conditioner isle. I mean really how many shampoo and conditioner choices are there? Wowza! It can all be too much at times.

There is this huge part of me that just wants to TURN it all off. Books, pinterest, google and youtube.  Most all of these places I am sharing was meant to helpful and can be. But I feel there are so many voices and choices. It literally overstimulates me. Even books. Y'all know I love books. I love reading. But even that can start ideas in your head. I need to do this now or that now from the book suggestions.

This can lead to all these ideas and more....

Seek simple living, be more slow, be more productive, be frugal, cut your expenses, stock this and that, read more, pray more, be thankful more, exercise more, spend less, make your own, live off grid, live in a tiny house (umm.nope), read this amount of books, save this much money, rest more, get active, be a better wife, a better mother, school this way, read aloud to your kids more, be a minimalist, be a vegan (NOPE), don't eat this, churn your own butter (no offense if you do I am sure it is great), you need to use essential oils, eat meat and fat, don't eat meat and fat, gluten free, juicing, have a literary mentor, get out of debt, build more character, make this face mask, decorate this way, breath taking tablescape ideas, holiday decorations, read this book it will change your life, movie series galore, this homeschooling method works best, homemaker bundles, homemaker's classes (yes...there are), memorize this amount of scripture, get up this early, go to bed this early, clean and shine your sink, and on and on!!!

I know all of these things are meant to be helpful. And they are... they TRULY are. I even blog and suggest things. I am not knocking any of this. Because I love researching it all. Some of these things have helped me in so many ways. But at the same time all the ideas, the voices, and etc. can cloud out the one voice that matters. The one thing that matters. The one path I need to be on.  I am not saying we shouldn't do these things or that we should go off grid and hide from it all but the constant information overload can be over stimulating to me.

It has been a year in a half years since I deleted FB and it was the most freeing thing I ever did. Do I miss it?  Nope! Not one bit. It was very liberating. I felt like a child swinging with the breeze in my face. Do I miss the contacts?  Well, those that want to be apart of my life still make effort and I do the same. We call or text now, write cards, and even meet in person...GASP!!! How is that for social living! *Smiles*

I am not saying FB is bad but it freed me. I am beginning to have that feeling about a few other social media/internet sites I visit. Pinterest is one. I am cringing as I write this. Because I have this love hate relationship with the good ole pinning. I pin, pin, and pin. I have read some great articles and yes enjoyed some great recipes. But on the most part I don't really do much else but store more information and get off sometimes feeling like I need to do this or that. Y'all this is just my personality.  Some people it doesn't do this to at all.

I told myself a couple days ago I was going to stay off pinterest. But my heart TRULY began to race as I thought what I am going to do about a recipe, Weight Watcher tips, prayer calendars, and help with kid lessons for Sunday School. We will not even discuss the panicked feeling that I felt about not being able to get more ideas about homeschooling!!!! I am seriously laughing out loud right now.

I am crazy people! I know you are thinking it! I probably will not even hit publish on this post. If I do then you all know I have hit my breaking point. I will be eating ice cream in my bed and burying my face in shame of blogging this. Hahaha! No, not really. Well, I might still eat ice cream.

I am not even sure how to end this post. But I just thought I would get real at the place I am in.



  1. Shine your sink! I remember that one!!!

  2. Chrissy, your sentiments mirror so many of our own. Take a breath, pray, rest, and do what your heart tells you. All you can do is your best. Will you mess up? Probably at some point because we all do. {{HUGS}}

  3. I gat mentally overloaded with all the stuff available to us now, too. I find it difficult to complete one project because I've already seen 5 more I want to do! I'm trying to get away from that and realize I just cannot make everything!!

    I have unfollowed all the negative people on fb and my viewing is now much happier and doesn't take nearly as long to do. I'm weaning!! Lol

    I get what you are saying, I really do!!

  4. If it makes you feel better, I'm eating ice cream as I read this. :) I've been skipping a ton of things lately. As I'm on a quest to find peace I am finding that if it doesn't make me feel peaceful then I skip it. I'm only going onto Pinterest if I need something specific. Not browsing and pinning a bunch of stuff I will never do. Sometimes social media is bad as it can make you feel competitive and that you are not all you could be. I try to stay away from the sites, youtube and books that cause me to feel that way. I don't think you are crazy at all! Take a deep breath and carry on. As my husband reminds me all.the.time if I'm living my life for the Lord, and if he and Megan are cared for and happy then that is all that matters. So, go eat some ice cream and get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, my friend!

  5. Chrissy, you are not alone at all. So many perfect photos on line make me feel inferior too.
    Funny story- I like our 2000 Kitchen just fine but our Formica is wearing out and I plan to replace it with more Formica. When I search for oak cabinets and white tile backsplash to get ideas for new Formica colors, all the kitchens that look like mine are the “before” photos for makeovers where in the after photos the wood has been painted and granite counters installed. It makes me feel outdated but I really like my Kitchen and plan to cook happily there even if it is out of style by Pinterest and Houzz standards.
    Chrissy, I think you are doing great!

  6. Yes!
    Chrissy, I cannot agree more!!!!!
    All that stuff is just noise...Forget it all.
    Just do you!!!
    Hugs! : )

  7. Friend, just seek God daily for what He has for you that day. Be flexible, and do the next thing. You choose, like you did with getting rid of FB, what Input you’re going to allow.

  8. Chrissy, I am sure you are no different from everybody else. Thank goodness all the choices weren't around when I was bringing up my children. No internet, Pinterest or blogs for distraction :-) Just do what you feel is right for you.

  9. I know I don't know u only by reading your blog. But I will be praying for u. God knows your needs and how to make life simple. I have a Facebook with my husband but I did give up my blog because it really made me feel inadequate because I'm not a really good writer. I really haven't missed it much. Sometimes we over simplify our lives and that includes schooling. I am not a perfect teacher but I just try my best. Our children don't have to know everything. Just the normal. I am not telling you what u should it shouldn't do. I hope you don't think that. I just do the basics. In life that really is the only things that matter. Keep up the good work.

  10. I have a “raw vegan” friend, and she posts her recipes on Facebook all the time. To me, they look for the most part completely disgusting and unnatural. Plus I have a coconut allergy and they all contain coconut oil. Coconut oil cure all people will treat you like you are either lying or a freak of nature if you tell them you have that allergy. It’s so much fun really. Especially if I tell them that 2 or 3 Benadryl will knock out the anaphylaxis and they’re liken”but Benadryl is poison.” Lol So is anaphylactic shock.

  11. I hope you found a good sale for your favorite kind of ice cream. That way you can feel virtuous while you eat it:).

    I relate well to that feeling during January. It does come around every year. I've also seen many numerous posts on goals, and all the wonderful things everyone plans to do. I will be lucky to figure out what is for dinner tomorrow, before tomorrow. But, we've chosen a couple of projects to work on--we joined a Bible class on Amos and my husband is going to put up a portable greenhouse so I can start my seeds as I used to do. That's it! Otherwise, we are going to just keep moving forward with our super busy, crazy life, and do what we can to stay as organized as we can.

    I also keep the social media low-key. I don't have Facebook, and have a rarely-used Pinterest and Instagram. I love reading blogs, but only "catch-up" from time to time with several I enjoy. I would love to read more--it's like an on-line magazine to me to see what everyone's written, but time is too rare to read as much as I like.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sweet Chrissy, stay at the feet of Jesus. Put Him first and then your family. I understand it can be an overload. Bring things into your life that give you complete JOY! HUGS!!!!

  13. Oh sweet Christine, there are so many of us with exactly the same feelings. You are not alone. It is a dark dreary time of year and we all struggle, with everything you struggle with, I mean exactly like you. So blogging frees up the mind and allows you to vent to a community that understands just where you are. We can share, complain, whine, and have each others backs. I am centered on Christ, and I am not perfect but I try every day, some days are good and some days are really bad. But together we can help each other. Hugs. I love pinterest by the way it is short and none emotional. I get enough emotional from daily life.

  14. I sure hope you stocked up in the sale priced ice cream that Safeway had last week. ;) I won't even tell you how many bowls I have consumed this week alone. :D My goodness, just reading the first part of your post gave me anxiety for both you and I. There is just too much that we think we have to do to be that perfect wife, mother, teacher, friend, cook, crafter, whateverer (I know it's not really a word, but it seemed to fit how I am feeling right now). After years of beating myself up about trying to do it all, especially during the child raising and home schooling years, and not being able to, falling apart at the seams and feeling like a failure, I decided to give myself grace. I limited my activities outside of our home and delegated more at home. ;) Now that I am older (and should be so much wiser right? ) I still find myself getting down upon myself at times because I can't do it all, heck I can't even do what normal and healthy people my age can do or what my 76 year old mother can do. There are days when I can't even manage to get in the shower because trying to have the strength to do so and not be in pain while doing it is just too much for me. There are other days when I can get things done and I feel really good about myself in those moments. This time of year is HARD because we are bombarded by all the "New Year's Resolutions" "Get Healthy" "Redecorate Your Home" etc. messages that are coming at us from all angles. We are also dealing with lots of bad weather, short days, excess weigh gain from all that holiday indulging, and it can get overwhelming. Yesterday was a particularly bad day depression wise for me but I reminded myself and my husband that I know that things will look brighter again...and they did today. :) Be blessed and give yourself grace my friend!

  15. Be real. Be yourself. HUG!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  16. As a former FB addict (truly--a full-blown addict)and one who (cold-turkey) left FB a little less than a year ago, I can honestly say that I have never missed it. And I am shocked by that, because I had thought I would go through serious withdrawal, but nope, nothing. It was the negativity that really did me in. I don't read/watch/get the news for the same reason. An ostrich with her head in the sand? Yes, please, and happily. The hard part of being on the computer (internet) at any time and for any reason (for me), is the way it makes me feel like a loser. I read blogs (mostly Christian ones) and watch some YouTubers that I enjoy, and that's it. But I often end up feeling like there are so many crafty, creative, organized, culinary-gifted, decoratively-inclined, domestically-gifted, clear-skinned, and gorgeous- haired people out there, and I am simply not one of them. My husband will say, "Whatcha doin'?" To which I reply, "I am looking at the perfect people with their perfect lives, and wondering why I am so pathetic."

  17. I get it! I have ALWAYS struggled with the humbug feeling during January. But, I am learning to quiet my thoughts with good books, a new planner, just simple things that make me feel "accomplished" without over doing it. And lots of prayer!

  18. May God be blessing you through this time of rest. I hadn't realized that you were not a Facebook user. I have tried to use it in a limited way and compared to many people I am sure I do but I still find times that I end up on it for 1/2 hour or an hour with nothing to show from it, just a lot of reading of silly feeds. Now I do also spend a fair amount of time in prayer sometimes while I am on it and that is good but still over all I think it is a time waster for me. I just told my husband this evening that I was going to take a month fast from facebook other than using it for my business or church (not doing my personal page). The negative discussions were tending to make me feel irritable and I don't want that. So we shall give this a try.

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