Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tips about Time with God


  1. I love this and it was so good the actually see and hear you speak so beautifully from your heart. :)

  2. This movie is on a sort of Christian version of Netflix. I haven’t seen it, but the trailer is riveting:
    I looked deeper into the plot online for spoilers, and the young woman goes to jail because she was texting and driving when she hit the pastor’s little boy. When the pastor goes to the older pastor for counsel, because he is in crisis and the older pastor tells him all the answers can be found “right here” and takes both his hands to put an old dusty bible in the younger pastor’s hands. That puts me into tears. And if the young pastor looks familiar to you, if you watched Judging Amy in the 90’s, he was the bailiff.

  3. Love the video. It was like God had you speak to me about my biggest issue in my personal life right now. lol. My mornings start off badly and it is because my kids are waking me up out of bed first, wanting things off the bat, I can't think straight, and then never get around to reading because I am so disorganized feeling. Thanks for the tips! :)

    1. Oh my...I have been there!!! I promise. Just set some time even if it's at nap time.


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