Thursday, March 29, 2018

Blogging Disadvantages

I love my face here!!! Go ahead and laugh with me. Laughter is great medicine.



  1. You're right that it is up to each one of us to prioritize and make our time online work for us. We are all different and have different needs and interests, but those challenges you talk about are true for so many!

  2. Good morning. You make great points. I most enjoy th connections I have made through blogs. I also like real blogs, not the photoshopped perfect ones or the ones whose main goal is to earn money.
    And yes, it can be a huge time waster.

    my blog is kind of like a diary for me and I enjoy reading posts from years back and remembering things I’d forgot ❤️

  3. Oh I agree! My blog roll is constantly changing, depending on my personal season in life.

  4. Even with your funny face you are beautiful. Happy Easter my friend. "He is risen"

  5. It’s good to see you! In my daily life blogs since 2005, I’ve always shared ups and downs. The sudden death in my family in August,2016 was a main theme for a while. I have most of them printed into binders now, and my kids love to read them.
    I don’t blog anymore, because of my fiancĂ©. He’s very adamant that he doesn’t want his kids’ pictures online, nor does he want pictures of our house online. This is kind of sad for me. I want to show off my stepkids and my house. We put some pretty awesome work into the house! I want videos of my wedding and my stepparent adoption posted. My house is awesome. He understands the gaping hole I feel, but I also understand his fear of his ex and the fact that she was abusive to their kids before she left them. I see signs of her abuse in my stepdaughter Krystal- my stepson really has no memory of it. I’ve also had a few conversations with her regarding the adoption, and she truly is an interesting person. All she knows is that we live in Texas now, and that’s it. I feel like blogging is an outlet, and a therapeutic one at that. To make up for it, we are scrapbooking and I’m journaling by hand and working on my novel. It helps, but the blogosphere is a community of friends.

  6. I do agree - comparing to others especially on blogs can be so hard on the spirit. It is so important to stay away from this in every part of life. Glean the good and uplifting things people share but do not wish your life to be different. Thank you for sharing.


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