Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Debt Update

Hey friends. A long while back (October to be exact) we began the process of becoming debt free. So far we have paid off two debst and saved up our ER fund. We have had to get in our fund a time or two for small emergencies but were able to build it back up.

The cash envelope system and budget has been doing very well. We are beginning in the month of June to start tackling our 3rd debt. We hope to have it paid off by September. We have had some big expenses this last month due to graduation, college fees, and birthdays. I tried to plan for them but stuff just kept popping up. We still stayed on target on this most part. Luckily.... I had built our pantry up and freezers. I was able to use some grocery and supply money to help with other things.

Just thought I would do a quick update about our debt busting and budget and let you all know we are still working it and it has been very good!!



  1. Way to go! I love how having an emergency fund makes events inconveniences instead of emergencies because you don't have to worry about the money!

    1. P.S. I'm impressed how quickly you've made progress on this. That's amazing!

    2. Thank you. Making a budget is what really helped. We were able to see where money was being wasted and could be applied to debt.

  2. This is huge accomplishment! Way to go!

  3. I knew once you got started you would leave a smoke trail!

  4. Way to go!! You are so inspiring to me. I am working towards the same goal. Keep on updating.


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