Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Little Daily Area

My kitchen area is my busy area. We do school there, cook, and congregate there often. I usually keep a to do list on the counter but I was constantly moving it for school and cooking. I have this little area and I set it up for my calendar and to do notebook. It is working great.

I just love it. It is perfect. Do you have a little area for your daily things or a special place?


  1. When I was growing up the kitchen was the most popular room in the house especially in winter as it had a wood stove in there so we would all sit around the kitchen table...even visitors :-) I loved it.

  2. The kitchen is the heart of the home! I'd love to have a space to store my list. I keep my list on the kitchen counter, and like you, I find myself moving it out of the way often.

  3. Girl mine is moved everywhere and then its gets lost. I need to make a special place thank you for the idea.

  4. Yes our new house has a hall closet large enough to be a prayer room. It has an altar and religious artwork on the walls. I really love my house, I just don’t like the suburb. I’m too old to learn how to be a stepford wife.

  5. Oh, I love the idea of having a special place like that for my daily things! Lovely!



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