Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Projects apart of "Keeping Home"

Due to our busy homeschool year I always save my Spring Cleaning or Deep Cleaning until the summer. Of course our home is kept clean and tidy during the year but bigger deep cleaning like shampooing carpets, baseboard washing, and etc. like that is saved for summer.

I usually like this approach but I am beginning to feel like I wish I could do more through the year so that my summer isn't spent with days of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. Plus, I have to take to plan our homeschool lessons. It takes a lot of time to do these things which is why I save them for summer mostly but it really eats my summer away and then it is time to start school all over. I am mulling on trying to make this a balanced summer. I don't like not having any projects because then I get lazy and get too relaxed. But we love to swim, play games, read, watch movies, and "veg" out. I need to try to fit this in my schedule.

I made a list of the rooms/areas of our home that need to be covered and then I will assign them to a week to work on them as time allows. I am trying to decide if I want to schedule days to do the area and get it all done in one or two days or allot a hour a day to the area.

How do you fit in deeper cleaning especially if you are a homeschooler or was at one point? 



  1. Hello, my friend.
    Yes. I hear you.
    Cleaning while schooling is hard.
    What we usually do is take one weekend in the late spring and do a deep clean.
    Everyone helps, and with the exception of church, we go nowhere!
    What we accomplish is what we accomplish. : )
    And Sunday night, we celebrate with pizza!

  2. I used to deep clean in August every year as it was my one free month without workshops, but now I just try to do it on the fly which is not working very well.......

  3. I don't have your answer—but I have lately been trying to divide my cleaning up into daily and weekly routines, with one or two deep-cleaning projects tacked on for when I have time. We'll see how it works!

  4. I used to clean in Spring but now our Springs are become so hot that it needs to be done in winter when I have some energy. However, we have a very cold house so I prefer to spend a lot of time outside in sun during winter. Hmmm, you guessed it...not much cleaning gets done. LOL!


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