Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Goals!

Well now that I blinked and it is already half way through the month I thought I'd share my goals before the end of the month before I blinked again. *Smiles*

Finish reading my book
Continue to study Loving God with All Your Mind
Continue morning prayer and Bible time
Walk 3 times a week

Get my oldest ready to move to college (Make purchases, prep, pack and set up dorm)
Continue to read aloud to kids
play games weekly

Work on creating September budget
pay a debt off this month

That is all my friends. What about you? Any goals?



  1. My goals for the month are to start school. Done! We started Monday. I also want to deep clean/purge. So far the kitchen and living room are complete. I imagine that goal will carry over into September. Love that you'll be paying off a debt. Great job!

    1. Wendi,
      I did my deep cleaning last month and I am still exhausted from it. Smiles! Thank you for popping in. I am so glad to pay of a credit card and a medical bill. YAY!!!!

  2. Oh my, I didn’t know your child was college age already. That will sure be a big change.

    My August and September goals are to work through a long list of home spruce ups and to save about 1/3 of our income that I manage. Husband and I have 2 checking accounts and we both have access to both and we both know what is going in each account but he pays some things with his account and I pay some things with the other account,

    1. I can't believe I have a college age kid either. Crazy! Awesome goals.

  3. Good for you Chrissy, you are doing great! Personal goals: lose 10 pds, exercise 3x's a week, pray and read daily, draw closer to Him, eat healthy. Family: cherish them daily, more one on one, little get a-ways to build memories, enjoy nature with them.
    Budget: Working on paying off the debt. Chipping away at this big ice berg with toothpick. LOL! With the help of the Lord we will get there!!!

  4. You know I really did not make any goals this month, I think mine was to just get by, and so far I have survived. I think yours are completely attainable.

    1. I so know what you mean!!!!! I want to just make it! LOL!

  5. Goals? Idk, something along the lines of getting married in two weeks. I’m moody as all heck.

  6. Those sound like wonderful goals!

    I just pulled out my August goal list and realized I've already accomplished a few things without extra effort. The problem was that I listed six new habits I wanted to start daily this month. That is too many! I've solidified two of those habits so far so I will be happy with that and revisit the other ones next month.

    1. Awesome. I often make a hefty goal list and don't accomplish any. So, I am trying to set realistic and simple goals now. Thanks for visiting.


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