Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Things I love

You all this is a random post. But I was catching up on blogs and drinking my favorite drink in the world and I thought it would be fun to do a post of the things I love or shall I say guilty pleasures.  These are things I enjoy on occasions or maybe more than that...Smiles.

Root beer and not just any root beer....A&W! The best! This is the only soda I drink when I drink soda. It is caffeine free but still not healthy. *Smiles*

Milk Duds....OH MY WORD! I love these things. They do not like my hips so I do not treat myself often but once a month I may get a box.

YOUTUBE.....this is so sad. I love YOUTUBE. I do not do instagram, facebook, and not much pinterest (very rare). But YOUTUBE...I have to set limits. I love watching homeschooling moms and simple living videos the most. Favorite channels are Homeschooling and a Doodle, Little House in the Mountain, Moss Family TV, Alana L and Ally D Minimally.

Coffee with way too much creamer. Hazelnut creamer at that. I love the smell of it in the morning. The sound of it brewing. The way it sounds when I pour it in my cup. Ahhhhh!!!! I want some now!

I I know it is not healthy.  But it is my all time favorite food that I could eat daily or at least weekly.  I usually do eat it weekly. I am trying to do healthier versions but at times I still do a greasy cheesy pizza slice. Of course, with root beer.

What about you all? What are some of your guilty pleasures?



  1. I love Chocolate, Ale81 , youtube (watching wholesome family movies), coffee. I am sure there's more. :)

  2. Chocolate-covered raisins, dairy-free ice cream, and a good girl movie or a fantasy book.

  3. My guilty pleasure is sweet tea (especially Chick-fil-A!) and chocolate. I buy a package of the mini 100 Grand each month. Sadly they don't last the entire month.

    1. Sweet tea! I love it. I don't drink it much anymore because it was causing me heart paps. Decaf doesn's as bad but I just love regular sweet tea.

  4. Fun post, Chrissy!
    Mine...Anything coffee! Especially ice cream!!!
    The ID Channel, and afternoon naps. : )

  5. I am fairly new to youtube and find myself becoming addicted. I try to limit to two episodes at a time. I do take a nap every day if I am home... my true guilty pleasure since retiring from my nursing job. My guilty pleasure these days (I'm doing weight watchers) is orange creme pops for 3 points. lol But I get to eat something sweet everyday and still lose weight!!

  6. I would say DIET COKE. From McDonalds with lots of ice. A Jane Austin movie. A nap. Laughing with good friends.


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