Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Just for Fun

You all you know how I like to do random just for fun posts. Today I was thinking I would share with you some more of my favorites.


Vegetable- Zucchini and squash

Smell- Polo Cologne for men and vanilla cinnamon smells

Genre of book- Christian Mystery and Amish settings

Snack- granola bars and chili flavored tortilla chips

What about you?  What are favorites above?


  1. Vegetable- Cucumber 🥒

    Smell- Cilantro, baby heads, Jasmine, ocean water.

    Genre of book- Non-fiction/educational

    Snack- Diced radishes with olive oil and sea salt.

  2. Fruit-blueberries
    Smell-apple pie baking in the oven
    Genre of book-Christian nonfiction/ church history
    Snack-Tie between Inner Peas and Inner Beans from Trader Joes

  3. Kim,Fruit- apple Vegetable-corn smell-hyacinth Genre of book- history snack-chocolate diet coke

  4. Fruit- apple (has to be cold and crisp)

    Vegetable - green beans

    Smell - fresh bread, lilacs, line dried sheets

    Genre of book - Amish, Historical fiction

    Snack - chocolate or wheat thins

  5. Fruit- Berries, watermelons
    Smells- dessert baking, Fresh clean house, babies after a bath, coffee!
    Books- Cookbooks with a story, children books, old books by Andrew Murray, classics.
    Snacks- Chocolate (is there any thing else?)

  6. Favorite Veggie - Green Beans
    Smell - campfire
    Genre of Book - Christian Suspense/Mystery
    Snack - sunflower seeds in the shell

  7. Hi!
    Fruit~Fresh Raspberries
    Smell~Baby Magic in the Pink Bottle
    Gene~True Crime
    Snack~A big bowl of cereal!

  8. I forgot fruit. I’d say watermelon. I make my own watermelon 🍉 juice. When I was pregnant, I craved cantaloupe 🍈, even though I disliked cantaloupe my entire life. After my daughter was born, I went back to disliking it.

    1. I craved things I normally couldn't stand and ate then during my last pregnancy .

  9. Fruit ... Berries
    Vegetable ... Green Beans
    Smell ... Homemade Bread
    Books ... Amish
    Snack ... Popcorn

    Just thought I would share what I am reading as I think you would enjoy them. Sugarcreek Amish Mystery Series. They are a series through Guideposts. There are 28 in the series so far. The covers are absolutely charming and the books are a cosy read.


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