Friday, September 14, 2018

Living Life-Homeschool & Life

This week was a strange week in homeschool due our lack of rhythm.  But it turned out to be good. The kids worked on some reports and they presented them to my husband and I. They really enjoyed this.

After art class Hannah spotted some cool mushrooms. She loves taking nature photos so we had to stop on the side of the road to capture them.

Derrick did a family devotion last night and it was so good. It really spoke to me.

We are still struggling with a schedule/routine with school but most things are getting accomplished.

This morning I enjoyed a nice time in the Lord.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. You have a very sweet life .
    I'm glad you shared it

  2. You sound like you are feeling more chipper. Hmm chipper, chocolate chip cookies, squirrel..... See how my mind works?

    1. Trying!!! :) LOL! I wish I had chocolate chips!!!

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  4. Having one kid in school and two eclectic homeschooled kids tends to have its advantages. I honestly didn’t think it would- I thought it would be this huge conflict of interest type atmosphere. My son basically does whatever he wants, and luckily for me, 90% of it can be documented into a school subject. He’s a genius like his father. When my daughter AJ gets home from school and starts her homework, my daughter KJ looks over her shoulder. AJ is studying lat & long in one of her classes. I have an app that gives crypto coins for walking. With it, I bought a subscription to geocaching. That’s where you can find real life “hidden treasures” by using the app, the map, and the lat & long. We haven’t been out to do it yet due to heavy rain and mosquitoes the size of chihuahuas, but we can’t wait to. I want to enroll KJ in dance lessons, but I’ve been working with her on how to get the beat a little better (a lot better). I don’t want for her to go to a dance school and be told she doesn’t “got it”. She does. She just needs to stay on beat. She’s made a ton of progress, but I really want her to double that progress before I enroll her. Last night, we all did salsa dancing. It was a hugely fun Friday night.

  5. Getting into the rhythm of school has been an issue for me. We will start strong then by the end of the week I am all out of sorts. I know it's my season, but still.... I hope that soon we will hit our groove and it will be smooth sailing. Well, as smooth as homeschool can be! ha!

    Enjoyed the peek into your week

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