Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My First Writing Adventure- A Devotional for My College Kid

Good day my friends. This morning I woke up at 4 AM. Yikes. Not what I wanted but I can no longer sleep more than 4 hours. So, I got up to pray and read. I even went on a lovely walk before the children woke up. On my walk and really even a little before that I was praying for my oldest who is now moved out and living on a college campus. He has a full load, works almost full time, and is very active in clubs and committees on the campus. His time is very limited and he has very tough load of classes.

I will be honest though I see a lack of connection with him and the Lord. He has been missing church to do assignments because it is his "only" off day. He has limited privacy to really pray and study the Word. He also faces a lot of different pulls, culture issues, temptations, theology errors, and etc. It can be tough.

I am not saying this makes it right that he is not making connections like he should with church or his time with the Lord. If anything I am very deeply concerned. But I have given him over into the Lord's hands and trust God will have his way in his life. We gave him a good foundation and he knows the path he should take. I pray without ceasing all day for him. I miss him very much.

As I was thinking about all these things I was also pondering what I would write about during my "writing time." Then it came to my mind to make Ethan a small devotional book that could encourage him. Snippets of scripture that relates to what he is facing and to speak to his needs. I plan to put this into action as apart of my writing time which I discussed about in yesterday's post.

I hope to give it to him by Christmas. So, he can start the year off right. Until then I will shoot him some text of encouragement and pray without ceasing.



  1. It is hard to let our children go and make their own choices. He will be fine.You raised him right.

  2. I think that being in a new environment and coming of age have changed his life, but not his relationship with his faith. That is something that is between him and God. Take it from someone who got saved 86 times (yes, counted) because of suggestions from Cristians everywhere that I was not on fire enough or not doing cuz right or that it showed in my eyes (I have dark pigmentation in my eyes, and you can barely see my pupils- it’s common to see that as a trait of someone who’s evil, but I promise I’m not!).
    I think you can only know what goes on between you and God and not anyone else and God.
    With regards to writing, I’m working through “Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook” by Donald Maass. It’s amazing! I just need a good editor- 16.years in Houston has made me pick up bad habits in Texas ghetto slang.

    1. “Not doing cuz right” is supposed to be “not doing XYZ right”. Ugh, autocorrect.

    2. Thanks for sharing about workbook.

  3. This is a tough time. Ethan is spreading his wings and that is hard for Mama!

    Not sure how your church works but I know that many churches have wonderful youth groups and once a person graduates they move into adult church. Leaving the comfort of your youth group and stepping into the adult group is sometimes hard.

    Not that you asked for advise but here it is *smile* My advise is to pray, pray, pray, yet be careful to not push Ethan away from the church by adding more pressure. He knows it is important, you have raised him well, and I believe once he finds the right rhythm for work, school etc he will make church a priority.

    Hang in there and best wishes on your writing endeavor.

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