Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Day I Was Asked...What are your hobbies or talents?

I recently have become apart of an organization called Chicktime. It is an organization that has chapters in different locations that ministers to orphans, juvenile delinquents, and foster children. It is a wonderful program. Once a month your group of women go to a local children's home and do devotionals, games, snacks, and an activity. It is like a mentor program as well.

I have been in a real funk lately and I feel I need to get out of my box. Reach out and make a difference. I know home educating/homemaking is the most important and rewarding task. I am grateful to do it. But somewhere I have just got caught up in my little home and busy with us that I haven't been the hands and feet to others outside. I want my children to see the importance to this command and need. If I am not an example how will they see and then do?!

Well...anyway I had to meet with the leaders of the chapter. I had a feeling they were going to ask me a question that goes like this, "What are your talents, interests, and hobbies/" and so I asked my husband and children beforehand because I honestly didn't know what my hobbies and talents were. I am serious I really didn't know.  I don't really have hobbies due to money and time. I gave them up years ago. Things like scrapbooking, learning to sew, trying to can, and etc. We were always on budget so I couldn't afford a machine, canning items, and scrapbook things. I used to love to host and open up our home for themed fun nights but that also came to a halt due to time, money, and lack of interest/busyness from those invited. 

 I also had a elder lady that I esteemed highly who thought she was giving wise advice to me mention I needed to let go of those things and focus on my home, husband and children only because when the children leave I would have plenty of time for things I wanted to do. I do think her advice is sound BUT if you just minister to this area then what about those souls outside of your little home? What about when your children leave you have no idea how to reach those around you?  You don't remember what your were creative at or talented at.

When I asked my husband he said, "Your good at organization, speaking at events, teaching the kids, and running a home." When I asked my kids they said, "Cleaning and cooking." Now, I am not saying these things are bad actually they are awesome. Because that is what a woman that has dedicated her life to her home and family should be good at.

But it saddens me in ways. I am on a mission to find my hobbies, talents, and gifts again to benefit my family and those around me.

I would love to hear seasoned homemakers or home educators as to how you balanced developing gifts and talents in your lives in the midst of serving your family.  Or I would love to hear from all of you no matter your season in life.



  1. I guess you could think about something you really like doing. It sounds like you might have a gift of hospitality. You could host an open house with a theme of say, a crisis pregnancy center. You could ask guests to bring a baby or something for a mother to be donated to the center.

    Sewing books you can pick up at thrift stores. Though it's time consuming you can learn to sew by hand and just practice stitches.

    Do you watch TV? Maybe you can forgo that and use that time for scrapbooking, learning to sew or knitting. All these supplies can be found at thrift stores or yard sales. I would use caution when buying a sewing machine at a thrift store though. You are better off looking on Craigslist or even Freecycle.
    What it really boils down to is, what do you really enjoy in addition to taking care of your family?
    Oh and I had another thought, you could host a craft/ hobby night where you invite ladies over for sewing, needle crafts etc and you can learn from them.
    Anyway, I think I'm rambling now but those are just a few ideas that come to mind.

    1. I love the idea of hosting themes for benefits of non profit!!!! Awesome ideas. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Chrissy:

    I have always had hobbies - the time I could spend on them as changed with the seasons. Quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, walking etc etc. At various times I would include my daughters in my hobbies...when it would work out. Like your wise friend told you - things will change as the children leave the nest - but hobbies keep us healthy and happy! I am fortunate to have a "craft room" now so I can come and go as I please and leave my projects in progress - but when all 5 children were at home I did not have that same luxury so I worked my hobbies in where and when I could! Sounds like one of your hobbies is working on a team and serving the community. That is a hobby too - and a very noble one at that!~

    Thank you for your visit to my blog...I have just become you most recent follower so I can keep up with you! I will be curious to see what new hobbies and interests you develop! Have fun with it and don't let any hobby become a chore!

    So nice to meet you ♥

    1. Hi Carrie!! Thank you for the encouraging words and for visiting. I am so glad you will be a friend here. Hugs!

  3. is a place to crochet or knit 35 eight inch squares that will be turned into a blanket and you will mailed them to Africa to orphanages. The need for the squares are anytime and all the time. It's a hobby that kids can help with. Micheal has 40% coupons all the time. Needles doesn't cost that much. You-tube is a great way to learn how if you don't know how. Our family serves at a homeless shelter once a month feeding the homeless. It doesn't cost a thing just show up and help. Most take clothes/coats donations another thing the entire family can do together. We have a thrift where all the profits go to feed the hungry, they are always needing volunteers to work the store. Maybe you all have one in your area.
    Finding an elderly in the church that could use some help around their house is a way a family can serve. I believe in helping and serving with my family when we can. Keep your ears open you may just hear of a family who is in need of food or help. I hope these help. Hugs!!

  4. I’m with you. I used to have so many hobbies, but I just don’t do them anymore. I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I’m supposed to take on a new identity. It’s weird. And 2/3 of my kids are homeschooled. I need one that’s blended family friendly, non-religious, non-discriminatory against having one in school. I would try crunchy mom groups, but we are very scientifically minded and don’t like woo cures. I need to get them out of the house.

  5. I think you could definitely find a hobby to incorporate into your charity events. ex. baby blankets for pregnancy centers, hosting can food drives, etc. You are multi talented and the sky is the limit!

  6. You can buy embroider supplies and yarn at thrift stores for pennies on the dollar, to create beautiful things. I do many pillow cases when I sit a watch tv, or have any spare time. Or learn to crochet squares and make quilts. You can also bake for people. You have many talents Chrissy, you just don't see them.

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