Monday, September 3, 2018

The Most Important Thing I Learned from Laine's Letters

You all know what a big fan I am of Laine and her letters. If you do not know about these letters check out my side bar information with a link.

Anyway, Laine had great information about homemaking, frugal living, homeschooling, basic christian living, family life and etc. She had great content that really helped the homemaker, wife, and woman who desired to be walking in the Lord.

She was productive, prudent, wise, and busy about her responsibilities. But none of this would be possible without her doing the MAIN thing she did. That MAIN thing was her time with the Lord FIRST thing daily. She wouldn't have been any of the above without the strength and direction of the Lord.

What I always got most out of her lovely letters was the dedication she had to the Lord and her personal time with Him. At times we may have read these letters for help, tips, and advice and "accidentally" skip over the most important part that she really was trying to get across to us and that is our time with Jesus daily.

While we want to be good homemakers, frugal living stewards, wives, mothers, friends, and productive people we simply cannot do it on our own. Make sure we glean what her true ministry and purpose of her letters were about. Her heartbeat I believe was to encourage women to get in touch with God on a personal basis.

I only share this because when I first discovered Laine's Letters I was in desperation to be a better homemaker, wife, and mom  I tried her wonderful tips and ideas. I began to have a true heart desire to work harder in these things. But one day I realized her deep sweet time with God and I desired that. When I put some of her things of rising to be with the Lord daily my life changed and transformed. I admit that over the years this had been a struggle to be consistent with at times due to moves, sickness, and etc. But I know first hand of benefit of having my time with the Lord before anything else. 

Blessings and Love!!


  1. I love Laine's Letters. I remember as a younger mom reading her letters. I wish she still wrote. They were such an encouragement to many of us mothers. And a source of disdain I discovered yesterday to a particular anti-Christian, anti-homemaker site yesterday.


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