Monday, March 4, 2019

Oh, March What Do You Have In Store?

Hello friends! It is the start of a fresh month! I know we hear and say it all the time..."time is flying so fast!" But y'all it really is!  It is MARCH!!! March tends to always bring a little pep in the step. It is the sign Winter is coming to an end and Spring is on the horizon.

I have been using Happy Planners for a few months now. I really have enjoyed this added change to planning. Typically, I just have a calendar and notebook. Which is awesome and perfect. But I have been struggling with...PROCRASTINATION A LOT!! So, I needed some UMPH!

One day I was in Walmart looking for a notebook and saw Happy Planners. I kind of rolled my eyes and thought.."those are those things people make youtube videos on." I walked on but then I felt compelled and went to look at them. I thought why not try one. So, I put one in my little buggy (what we call a cart in the south) and marched on.

When I got home I open that little planner up and I realized while they called them Happy Planner. Smiles!! It suddenly made me Happy. I know weird. But I began setting up my little pages and stickers and honestly it has made planning and sticking with my routines much easier and fun! I have these super sheets that I added for Daily To-Do's.  Anyway, I finally have a spot for everything. I can have my calendar, contacts, goals, monthly plans, notes, brain dumping sheets, school planning, and healthy tracking all in one planner. It isn't a big binder like I use to do. Plus, all the cute little bling inspires me. I used to think that stuff was a waste of time but honestly it has helped me be more efficient and look forward to tracking and planning our days and months.

I love them. Do you have planners?  Do you like using planners? What is your favorite?



  1. I don't use a planner, I just hope I plan to get up in the morning.:)

  2. That is a nice planner! I'll have to check our store to see if they carry it. Thank you for sharing.


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