Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Last Few Months.....

Hey friends!!!! I have missed you all. So, I am ready to get back into blogging and I am excited about all that I have planned to share on the Blog. As you can tell I have changed the name of the Blog. It needed it a change. It was Keeping Home and the focus was on homemaking and daily life.

I changed it to Keeping Hearts and Home. I will be posting the same type of things but with a little more journaling for my children and myself to look back on. As well as using this little space to keep me accountable to some things which I will share later on.

So, we have had MAJOR changes in the last few months. We started a church plant with no team. Just my little family. It kicked off in January. We had planned to be Missionaries in the Pacific area~Solomon Islands. But the Lord had other plans. But we are super pumped and are enjoying the challenge. My friends it is a CHALLENGE.

We also bought a home. When we moved three years ago from the Midwest to the South we rented because we thought we were going overseas. Once we got confirmation of the direction the Lord had we began to search for a home. We were spending A LOT of money in rent. We live in a metro area and it can be dangerous area and we had to live in a safe neighborhood. Which means $$$. Rather you like it or not. Our choice of home wasn't to Keep Up With Jones' it was to KEEP SAFE. Which meant when we bought a home all this had to be taken into consideration.

Our children are so big. Our oldest is almost finished with his first year in University. The other two are plugging away in homeschool work, horse riding, and art.

Join me here next week. I am excited to kick off March! I am already doing some planning in my Happy Planner. Just got these in January and they have been a game changer!



  1. Nice to see you back again, Chrissy. It sounds like you have been very busy the last few months and have a lot going on.

  2. So happy you were able to buy a house and I can't wait to see what you do with it, as you are so talented.


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