Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring/Summer Outfit~Capsule Wardrobe/Ten Item Wardrobe Idea

Happy Monday!!! I thought I would share my outfit of the week. I am trying a Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe. I have really paired down my clothes. I  have core pieces that I build different outfits out of. I love the concept of the Ten Item wardrobe. This concept was created by Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur. You have 10 core pieces and then extras like shirts, cardigans, and accessories to use with the core pieces. I still have more than 10 core items but not a whole lot more. I love this concept because I have been finding my style. I love being creative to make these core pieces look different.

I love dresses. They make me feel feminine. This is one of my dresses I got for the season. I also saved up and bought me some orthopedic friendly sandals due to a hip issue. I love them. I have had the same sandals from Goodwill I paid $3.00 for.  I have had them for years and they are killing my hip and lower back. So, I got rid of those and purchased these better quality shoes and pray they last a long time.

To change it up or to add some warmth on chilly spring days I add a denim shirt.

Just for a funny! My daughter and I were trying to play around with poses. Which was extremely awkward for me. You can see my son in the background riding his bike. Yes..he was trying to get in the picture! Hahaha! I thought this picture would bring a smile to your face as it did mine.

Dress from Amazon. Iconic Luxe Dress. Here is a link. This is lightweight a perfect for spring and summer. Good quality. Fit right according to my size. Super reasonable. 

Fit Flop Woman's Flat Sandal in Caramel.  Here is a link.  I can't express the comfort of these shoes and I love they match with everything. My hip pain has reduced so much. They are a bit pricey. But they are worth it to me. 

These are not affiliate links. Just passing information along if you are interested. *Smiles*

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  1. You look beautiful, friend. I have to spend more on summer shoes due to a problem with my right foot. I dislike that I can't buy the cute, inexpensive shoes, but comfort is a must!

    1. Oh thank you, Wendi! Comfort is a must! I like these sandals they are at least cute but man they have been such a help with my hip. I want to wear them all the time (which I do mostly) but I am scare to wear them out because they were so expensive and I need them to last.

  2. You look lovely!!!
    I also enjoy dresses more.
    Madison has introduced me to a vintage dress website, and I am loving them!
    Have a lovely day.
    Glad you are back to blogging!!!

    1. Hey mt friend!!!!! Big hugs!!!! Share the website!

  3. I love the way the shirt changes it up - so cute!

    1. Oh thank you, Rebecca! Thanks for stopping bt! Hugs!

  4. Love the pictures. Check out poshmark for expensive sandals. I bought several pairs of dansko for under $30.00 a pair. I like dresses and skirts also, but too cold right now to wear them.

  5. You look lovely, Chrissy! I agree, it is great to have a few core pieces to work around. I'm sorry about your shoes, but I do sometimes find investment pieces last longer, and I hope that will be true in this case. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and good advice with us at the Hearth and Soul Link party!


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