Friday, April 12, 2019

Tips on Practicing Hospitality~Let Go of Perfection

When it comes to hospitality you have to.....Let go of perfection! This is my number one tip. Yes, we want our guest to feel welcome. Yes, we want things to be as smooth as they can be. Yes, we want our homes clean and presentable.

Guess what?  You can do those things but still not go overboard. Being in ministry my heartbeat is fellowship, connection, and community. I believe this creates unity, long lasting friendships, and a central feeling of belonging. So, I love to host.

                             Make your own strawberry shortcake with store bought pound cake!

I learned the hard way years ago to let go of perfection and enjoy having company. The Word of God encourages to be hospitable. Women in the bible times were always being put on the spot to have things ready, and to host.

Sarah~Old Testament
Martha~New Testament

Research these two women. I know Martha gets a negative reputation but honestly she is a great one to learn from about keeping the main thing the main thing.

I used to think we had to have a perfect home, bigger spaces, better furniture, and money for certain foods and decorations. If I waited for all the above I would NEVER host. NEVER. I have a decent size home, a frugal budget, older but clean and nice furniture, and I have learned it is okay to use nice paper plates!!!

I do always set up nicely or add little touches to make our guests feel welcome. We want to have our guest feel like they are at home. Not in a museum or a Better Home and Gardens copycat house that they are scared to sit, walk, and/or breathe. I have been to homes like this. I was made to feel I was in a glass house and the hostess was on edge about everything.

People want fellowship, laughter, comfort, connection, and yes...FOOD. There are many ways we can cut cost on foods. Simply have a dessert night, soups go a long way, a hearty big portion of dip and chips, pasta bakes and rolls, and please you all don't forget TAKE OUT PIZZA. Which is everyone's favorite when I host. Also, ask people to bring items and share if you need to. It is OKAY.

I also don't always cook everything. A store bought pie and a fresh cup of brewed coffee is just enjoyable served on a nice plate as a homemade pie you stressed over making and crumbles when served. But just so you will know I do cook and bake homemade items to save money as well if time allows.

A pan of brownies, ice cream, and whip cream is a great cheap treat. There are so many options to save money and make things special. Stock up on cute plates and napkins from the Dollar Store. Light a candle, spruce your home but don't go over board. People are going to come in and walk all over your floor, maybe make a spill, use your toliet and get the point.

The pictures were from our recent Connect Small Group. I had store bought pies, cake, and chips and dip. Lemonade, coffee, and tea. We laughed, prayed, and shared all kinds of great stories. People left with their hearts lifted, bellies and spirits fed. That is what it is about.

Do you like to host?  What hinders you if you don't?  What are your favorite tips on hosting?
I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I have learned this over the years - I used to try to hard to make things "just so" and hoped for better and nicer things too. You are so right - if we wait for the bigger home, etc we would never offer our hospitality and welcome those into our home that God so wants us to entertain and love upon! This is always such a gentle reminder for us ♥ Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Carrie! Hugs.

  2. I like things nice but I learned to let go of perfection a long time ago. It just isn't worth it. I also learned to feed a crowd on the cheap so to speak. Your spread looks lovely.

  3. Absolutely right..We are not super human.. and can’t do everything. It's just no fun if everything has to be perfect... My aunties always had spotless homes and a few of my girlfiends had floors that you could eat off of( not that you'd want to but) ...It was always uncomfortable and the children had to be so restricted. I too have found that comfort food is the way to go .. in our family of friends.. It's hamburgers or frozen lasagna... and we love Potluck....This was a super post...You can visit me anytime...Happy Easter Hugs.


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